Diana Gabriel NYC

My work is for bold people who are not afraid of making a big statement and who are not afraid to attract attention.

I strive to make wild, exciting forms. I start with sculpture and adapt it to the body. None of my ideas are bound by traditional concepts of jewelry and the last thing I want to do is make “pretty” things.

Whether it’s an onyx ball or long slab stone ring or a copper bracelet, the beauty of my jewelry is in its form, scale and boldness. The silhouette with scale and dimension is strong and new. With each peace, I buy an extraordinary stone and make a setting for it that is something that will pop off the finger or extend from the ear in a bold form of abstract sculpture.

Sometimes I find an imperfect and often asymmetrical piece of luminous glass or intricate rock or coral that I love, and I instantly envision the jewelry taking on a form of one-of-a-kind painting or sculpture that speaks to me, like a Noguchi, Puryear, Calder, Serra, Brancusi, or El Anatsui.

My ideas are born from the same cauldron as artists and sculptors, where material, mind and body come together, pulling from places in the universe that haven’t been pulled from before. For example, if you wear one of my rings on your hand, especially the boldest ones, you will see the sculpture move from every possible angle as you gesture and move your hand. This is the point where you become a part of the sculpture and the sculpture becomes a part of you. Your hand is connected to my sculpture. Your finger provides the movement, the ever-changing motion and angles, and the ever-changing perspective. Upside down, right side up, curving towards you, and curving away from you.

My jewelry is not about refinement or the highly polished; it’s not about glitz or glamour. It’s closer to nature, closer to simple things, closer to the monuments of abstract sculptors.

You are part of the sculpture and the sculpture part of you.